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Further Info on Used Tires & New Tires in Palm Coast

Get The Show On The Road With Steve's Tire Pit Stop -Used Tires

August 30, 2017

Used Tires Specialists

Used Tire Specialists in Palm Coast When looking to buy used or new tires then The Tire Pit Stop is the place to be. It has been a dedicated leader in the used and new tire trading business in the Palm Coast for long enough to be trusted. As specialists in the field, we offer our unrivaled, professional expertise, knowledge and sixth sense for used and new tires.

You can't run away from the necessity of new tires. Despite the many theories, myths and suspicions about driving a car with either used or new tires, the Palm Coast laws are very clear when it comes to driving a defective motor vehicle. Even if you don't know, it's an offense to drive a car with worn tires as this poses a serious risk of harm to yourself and third parties. So why buy used tires then, as surely, used tires should expose one to a penalty for driving a defective vehicle.

Speaking from a position of experience I'd say the idea of buying used tires always inspires skepticism as to durability. Most people prefer to buy new tires as opposed to used tires. Whilst "used" hints at a certain degree of deterioration, that couldn't be farther from the truth. The used tires we sell are reconditioned to appear as flawless as new tires.

New or Used Tires: What's The Difference

Decades of working with trusted brands makes you accept one naughty fact: some brands of used tires are more solid than others. Brand names like Continental®, MICHELIN®, Uniroyal and BFGoodrich® have valued the importance of driver and passenger safety for years and, as such, manufacture new tires that are so durable you could call them timeless. We sell used tires of popular brand names which don't wear and tear like new tires that are mass produced. With that said, our new tires will last for a lifetime.

Schedule an in-store service today and we'll have a guide ready to give you a sound tour of our Palm Coast used tires on your arrival.

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