Largest Selection of Used Tires in Palm Coast

Used Tires in Palm Coast

All used tires will be installed same-day!

Buying used tires can be a great way to save money and prevent waste. Contrary to popular belief, used tires are no less safe than new tires. Car owners in Palm Coast may have a variety of reasons for changing their tires long before they are fully worn. Maybe they got new wheels of a different size. Maybe their car was in an accident and totalled but the tires were salvageable. At The Tire Pit Stop, we inspect all of our tires thoroughly to make sure they are safe before we ever install them on your car.

We offer ALL brands of used tires for Palm Coast

With over 2,400 tires to choose from, we can almost guarantee that what you need is in stock and ready to be put on your car in Palm Coast. We offer a wide variety of brands, sizes, tread patterns, and more to get you the perfect set of used tires for your car.